Elize Ryd - Making Of

Photoshoot made in Madrid 2015

Make up: Suky Make Up

Clothes by Steamkatt

Noora Louhimo - Battle Beast

Photoshoot in Madrid, 2015

Make up: Suky Make up

Speed Retouch IV- Ailyn Giménez (Sirenia)

Sanna Salou

Model: Sanna Salou

MUA/Maquilladora: Raquel Sánchez

Speed Retouch III- Raquel (Divino Disturbo)


Making of by/por BloodyCat Photography

Barcelona 2016

Speed Retouch I


Speed Retouch II - Sanna Salou


Zuberoa Aznárez

Making of by/por Karmen Martín

Model: Zuberoa Aznárez

MUA/Maquilladora: Nieve Negra

Stylism: Steamkatt

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